-Wander & WIld Fursuit Care and Maintenance -


        Keep your suit looking clean and fresh, with these easy tips and tricks!


General Care

  • Remember to keep your Fursuit at room temperature to avoid heat warping and damage. 

  • Place your head in a dry environment.

  • Masks with metal or electrical wiring in the head cannot be submerged in water. 

  • Folex or Oxyclean can be used for spot cleaning your mask and other parts of your fursuit.

  • Always brush your fursuit when going out to events, or after events. It keeps it looking fresh and nice.

  • It is recommended to wear a balaclava (CoolSkin) under your fursuit. It is to avoid any extra sweat to soak through your mask.

  • The inside of your fursuit head can be cleaned with Fursuit Disinfectant Sprays made by me or your own. (Consists of Part isopropyl Alcohol and Water)

  • Accessories like piercings need to be removed prior to cleaning.

  • When you’re finished cleaning your fursuit head, remember to brush the fur back into the correct place to avoid matting.

  • Always use a slicker brush when brushing your fursuit. Use the brush by turning it upside down in the direction of the fur. It avoids fur being caught by the brush. Fursuits cannot grow its fur back, pets can.



  • Avoid Scrubbing the eyes, as it will result in a bad chipping situation and the paint job will be ruined 

  • Avoid puncturing the ‘white’ part of any fursuit eye (around the Iris and Pupil) as it will get damaged and dented.

  • Your Fursuit head can be submerged in a tub with cold water OR be spot cleaned using a Little Green Bissle with Folex. Sensitive-skin type non-fragrant laundry detergent is the best to use when cleaning although you also may use Arm & Hammer with Oxyclean for detergent as it also works quite well.

  • Foam masks are most susceptible to mold. To avoid that, remember to place your mask in a dry area after suiting or washing. Remember to squeeze out any excess water in your head and allow it to dry in a place for a few days. Brush thoroughly. 

  • Do not wear a head after it has been washed/or still remains to be damp.

  •  Do not place your head in small spaces as it is completely made out of foam, and things can be bent (like the ears and muzzle)



  • Tails are the easiest part of the suit to clean. Spot clean if there are any areas that are dirty.

  • If the whole tail is completely dirty, place it in a pillowcase with an elastic band keeping it shut. Set the washer on COLD/COLD delicate or hand-wash with unscented detergent with no softeners.

  • Never put your tail in a dryer. Brush and hang after washing. 

  • Avoid putting tails with metal or electronic wiring in water.


Hand-paws, Feet-paws, Arm-sleeves:

  • Keep your parts at room temperature

  • All parts can be put in the washing machine. They can be placed within a pillowcase shut by a plastic band. It helps keep your handpaws soft and unwrinkled. Put on COLD/COLD delicate / gentle without scented laundry detergent and without fabric softener. It can make your fur feel greasy! With stains, it can easy be spot cleaned and hand scrubbed.

  • NEVER put any pieces within the dryer. It can cause heat damage and ruin your fur permanently! Allow them to be placed out in a dry area, brush thoroughly in the fur direction. IF you have a regular room fan WITHOUT ANY HEAT 

  •  Place the fan near the parts that are drying and allow them to dry for a few days. Dryer sheets can be placed in any part to allow a short-term solution for it smelling good



  • Have a slicker brush on hand for areas that are sustainable to matting on your bodysuit; such as the armpits, crotch, butt, and knees. Once your bodysuit is washed, remember that the fur can be very very heavy!

  • If you have deep stain, be prepared to use Folex and scrub them out by hand! Leave the area be once scrubbed for a few minutes for best results. Wash off afterwards

  • Turn your suit inside-out and prepare your washing machine on COLD/COLD delicate or gentle cycle. Add skin-safe laundry detergent without softener or fragrance.

  • Once finished, your fursuit needs to be placed right side-out and brush in the fur direction. Lay or hang the body in a dry area avoiding direct sunlight. Brush several times during the drying stage. 

  • If you have digitigrade/plantigrade padding, put it in the pillowcase tied with a band on gentle, cold. They can also be placed in the dryer on the lowest heat setting


Recommended Products:

  • Folex 

  • Skin-safe laundry detergent without softener or fragrance or dyes

  • Dryer Sheets

  • Oxyclean 

  • Isopropyl Alcohol 70%

  • Arm & Hammer with Oxyclean 


Disinfectant Sprays

  • Great for after or during meetups, convention use and more! Wash your suit after very sweaty events.

  • Spray inside masks, bodysuits, arm-sleeves handpaws and feet-paws to get rid of any nasty smell

  • Contact me to get your own spray, OR make your own with isopropyl alcohol, water, and a spray bottle! 1:1 ratio and shake to mix. Skin Safe Fragrance oils to add smell!


Extra Notes:

  • Read through the product’s information carefully before applying it to your fursuit!

  • Dryer sheets can be stored in fursuit parts to provide freshness for a short time.

  • DO NOT spray your fursuit with Lysol or Febreze. It will eventually disintegrate the material.

  • NEVER apply heat to any part. Lukewarm is fine.