Want a Quote?


The Quote form is up and available once commissions are being accepted again! The form usually open for three or five days, afterward it closes and the people are chosen for the next batch of costumes. 

When filling out the form, please include

your legal name, address, and other information.

The client will receive an email within a week or less after the opening day and people have been chosen. Upon being chosen, please send your Duct Tape Dummy and a 30% non-refundable down-payment. You are expected to pay the downpayment 24-48 hours of your commission when accepted. 


We do not accept quotes if you do not plan on commissioning us on opening day. General prices of a suit are close to a final quote. The number of colors, lengths of fur, and the complexity of your character will increase in price.



*Projects are chosen based on availability


*Keep in mind to prepare if your commission is not chosen. It is not guaranteed that you will be picked. 


*We will not accept any more commissions once closed unless there is an emergency.



Quote forms are CLOSED!