Terms of Service 

*You Must be 18 years old or older to commission


Cancellations and refunds

Wander & Wild does not give refunds if the costume is in possession of the client.  If the costume is being worked on it affects the amount being refunded. That being stated, please make sure funds are accountable and secure. If you are having any problems financially throughout the process of paying a costume off, please contact us directly. 


*Wander & Wild has every right to cancel or not accept a commission /service for any reason. The client will be blacklisted if the product is returned and the money has been forcibly refunded back via a claim. 

Refund Amount:

0% complete- 100% refund

25% complete - 70% refund

50% complete - 25% refund

75% complete - no refund

100% complete - no refund



Wander & Wild cannot guarantee any sort of deadline given by the client. We will make a reasonable effort to complete the chosen projects before the suggested date for an event. Sudden deadlines stated at any point during the progress of a project will not take effect. 


Concept Art and Design Alterations

Wander & Wild requires concept art sent along with the quote form. 

3 views of the character are highly recommended. If wanting an artistic freedom suit concept art is not required. (please state it within the quote-form!  Artistic Liberty suits are more expensive than regular character commissions, as the design is made by us.)  The client can be denied a commission if there is no concept art provided or if it is inappropriate. 


Design changes can be made up until the materials have been bought for the character chosen. Please make sure the design is to your satisfaction before submitting a quote form. 



Wander & Wild requires a minimum of $450 USD per 2 week payment after a  50% downpayment of the quoted price is given. Late payments will delay any sort of deadline and push them off to a later completion date. We will not begin any project until it has been fully paid off. We only accept payments through PayPal. Money orders and checks will not be accepted as things can get lost in the mail. 

*The faster your slot is paid off, the earlier your fursuit will be worked on!


Warranty and Repairs

Regular wear and tear are free on the warranty for one year. Shipping is paid by the client. After the amount of time, repairs require a fee.  If a client receives a damaged item in the mail, it will be repaired. Repairs will not be made if the suit was purposely damaged or changed by the customer.​ The suit must be washed or cleaned before being shipped to us. If the suit is unclean when it arrives, it will be sent back until it has been cleaned. Repairs are done within our own schedule.



Wander & Wild requires a duct tape dummy when commissioning a fullsuit. Use painters coveralls (you can find them at Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon, etc) and use strong tape to make sure that the dummy will not fall apart upon receiving the item. Make sure to cover the wrists, ankles, and neck as well. Failing to follow these instructions can result in the costume not fitting correctly. When finishing the duct tape dummy, you are required to tape the areas that were cut to help get out of the casting. 


*If planning on losing weight, please do your DTD afterward and send it.


Work in Progress Photos

Wander & Wild will provide work in progress photos to the client. We will inform the buyer of any completed steps such as the purchase of materials (fur) and the beginning of any part. We will send partially completed products and when it is fully completed. Pictures are sent through the intended form of contact with the client such as: email, social media, etc.


Shipping and Handling

The client is responsible for the shipment of the costume. Shipment price is not finalized within the quote form, but an additional charge when a costume is complete. Prices are expected to be $80-100 USD. International prices can range from $100-300 USD+. Most packages will be shipped with UPS) and given a tracking number when sent. 


After the costume is sent, we are not responsible for the package. 

*Delays to shipments are not under our control. 

*All packages are insured



Contract ,Privacy Policy and Allergy Warning

Upon commissioning Wander & Wild,  you are agreeing to a binding contract (oral, written agreement in email). By accepting and purchasing, you agree to all the Terms of Service and you are over 18  years old.


We do not distribute any sort of private information to public use such as phone number, identity, and addresses.

We have a cat that regularly enters the workroom but does not interfere with commissions. If you are extremely allergic to cats, please announce it! We vacuum everything before it is sent out to you to reduce allergens, though some may be present.